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Prime Growth Marketing is the leading SEO Company and we are here for one reason: to take you to the TOP.

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Grow Your Business with affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Placement, Search Engine Positioning & Smart Online Marketing from the Best SEO Company & Internet Marketing Firm.

   PGM Mission

Prime Growth Marketing is a SEO Company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Placement, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development, and PPC.
Best position your site content & structure to achieve highest rankings on major search engines.
Custom Strategy
Keyword Positioning
Technical & Content Optimization
Break into the chatter with buzz building strategies that increase rankings, traffic and sales.
Profile Creation & Maintaince
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Blogs, Press, RSS feeds & Apps
Best position your site across the web ecosystem to achieve highest rankings on search engines.
Link Strategy & Execution
Directory, Press & Article Submissions
Blogs, Bookmarking, Profiles
Establish, control & grow your reputation across social media networks and search engines.
Blogs & Press Releases
High Rankings for Positive Press
Negate any Negative Reviews
Build your business with a customized, professionally designed, SEO-friendly website.
Custom Design & Development
Search Engine + User Friendly
Logo, Content & Hosting
Advertise right message at right time on search engines for quick, qualified traffic & sales.
Keywords & Ads
Targeting Types
Optimization & Reporting


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Consulting, Search Engine Positioning, Custom SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and/or quality of traffic to a website from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing via natural or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Also known as Organic Search Optimization, SEO involves best positioning your site code, site content, and site architecture so that your site is easy for not only search engines but also easy for people to read. It also involves building links and connections to the online ecosystem surrounding your site. PGM’s affordable SEO services are an upfront investment made in your online business that essentially gains you long term, free results and dramatically increases your visibility.

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Quality Link Building, Link Optimization for Search Engine Placement

SEO Link Building is about increasing your reputation and authority through acquisition of relevant, quality inbound links from generated partner websites, via link outreach and link building based on keyword and branding goals. Link Building is part of Off-Page SEO, which focuses on optimization of your site in context with the online ecosystem of social networks, blogs, search engines, communities, and online connections. PGM offers ethical, quality, customized link building strategies and services in order to gain clients the top search engine positions on keywords relevant to their business. Services include optimization of hyperlinks, link structure, article submissions, bookmarking, blogging and more. Let Prime Growth Marketing grow your business with our Search Engine Positioning Services.

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Web Design & Web Development, Custom SEO-Friendly Design Packages

A professionally designed and developed website is crucial to building, maintaining and growing your online business. In order to be successful in either branding your internet business, e-selling your products, or growing your customer relationships online, you will need a visually appealing yet clean looking website that communicates your offering in a way your audience will understand. Identifying the right website features, the right website content and the right website design can help you leverage the right opportunities to grow your business in the interactive space. Key to the right approach is making sure your website is search engine friendly and optimized for high search engine placement. Our portfolio of SEO-friendly web design capabilities include e-commerce websites, brand websites, lead-gen sites, gaming sites, social networking sites, and any other site to fit your business need.

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Social Media Marketing, Social Networking

Social Media Marketing is marketing your brand across the online social world via connecting with communities, groups and social platforms. Social Media Marketing involves creating personal relationships with the right leaders and influencers who own the loudest voice within their social circles. It’s about giving those leaders and their communities valuable content that appeals to their interests. PGM leverages Social Media Marketing to connect client brands to the digital world around them, in order to drive increased traffic, high rankings and conversions.

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Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click marketing, also known as Search Engine Marketing and Sponsored Placement, is paid advertising on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Whereas with SEO, or “organic” search engine optimization, you are optimizing your website for higher rankings, but not actually paying the search engine, with PPC, you are advertising messages of text, within the Sponsored Results sections of the Search Engine Results Page, and paying the search engine. Paying for PPC is done so in an auction-based environment, and your ad will show based on how much you are willing to bid for a keyword, as well as how relevant your ad is in helping a user find what they want. PPC can be an extremely effective way to tailor custom messages to users when they type in keywords relevant to your business, and allow for real-time connection with people searching for your products and services. It requires strategic pricing, targeting, and creative management though, in order to ensure that you are gaining actual and significant ROI on your keyword buys.

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Social Media Marketing for Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing is all about marketing a brand to become part of the online social ecosystem, in a meaningful way.  But in addition to the brand value that Social Media Marketing brings, PGM leverages Social Media Marketing in order to gain clients higher Search Engine Placement. Through the right social marketing – including blog posts, links, bookmarks, social profiles, RSS feeds, press releases, videos, images and more – we grow your portfolio and presence of social assets. The more social assets you have, the more search engines have to rank, which means that you gain multiple listings on search engine results pages. The more listings you have on keywords that are important to your business, the more traffic, interest and conversions.

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The PGM Team

Successful ROI on online marketing investments in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Web Design & Web Development, is driven by smart planning, smart decisions, and smart people. The Prime Growth Marketing team is a passionate, tight group of web geeks who love what we do: driving results for clients. We’re entrepreneurial experts and online veterans with over 10+ years of combined experience across the internet space, and we left major online media and marketing companies (like Google, Viacom and global ad agencies), to set up a firm based on what we believe in: results are what matter, and results should be affordable.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term investment made in order to ensure that your site is set up in the best possible way for search engines to read and index + for visitors to use effectively, through optimization of site structure, site content, site coding, and site link building. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) on the other hand, is a real-time purchase of ad space on search engines, in order to connect with consumers who are searching for your products or services, instantaneously. Both, however, are about maintaining a presence or “shelf space” on keywords that users are searching on, in order to bring qualified visitors to your website,  who are going to convert into customers. Conducting both SEO and PPC initiatives together increase the amount of space your brand takes up on the Search Engine Results Page and decreases the amount of space your competitors own. Successfully leveraging both PPC and SEO together requires strategic cross-function planning, deep analysis and research, and a clear understanding of both paid and organic goals.

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The PGM Team Approach

Successful website design and development,  and online marketing across search engines, social networks, is dependent upon the right strategy, approach and implementation. It is important to realize that the right solution for your business is not a “one-size-fits-all” one; in fact, cookie cutter solutions just don’t cut it when you want to get to the top. PGM approaches client solutions on a per client basis, meaning that everything we do is custom to your goals, your vision, your opportunities and your business position. We’ll tell you what you are already doing well, and will not propose services that you do not need. Instead, we focus on identifying the specific solutions that will move the needle on your business, so that you can invest your dollars wisely and gain optimal return.

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We get our clients to the top:
Keyword Website Google Rank
Table Pad tablepadfactory.com #1 of 6,700,000
Tablecloth tableclothfactory.com #7 of 26,600,000
E-Therapy rmetherapy.com #3 of 47,500,000
Queens Vets queensveterinarian.com #5 of 4,370,000
Linen Tablecloth tableclothfactory.com #3 of 385,000
Search Engine Position primegrowthmarketing.com #6 of 38,800,000
Search Engine Placement primegrowthmarketing.com #6 of 38,800,000
  • Queen’s Veterinarian, a very well-known Veterinarian office in the Queens, NY area, had a successful business with a loyal pet and pet-owner following. However, with out a website and with no presence on Google, they were missing a major opportunity to gain new customers who were using the web to search for vets in the area.
  • PGM created a custom strategy tailored to launch and establish Queen’s Veterinarian’s online presence. Building a custom, SEO-friendly website, with branded pages and information about the office, doctors and services, PGM helped extend Queen’s Veterinarian’s business into the digital world. Then, implementing a custom, on-page and off-page SEO campaign, PGM established Queen’s Veterinarian’s presence across the search engines and larger web, allowing the vets to connect with pet-owners searching for a reputable vet within the Queens/surrounding area.
  • Within just three months, Queen’s Veterinarian had gone from a non-existent online presence to dominating page 1 of Google on important keywords related to their business! As a result, Queens Veterinarian has found a new customer base of dogs and cats to keep happy and healthy, and continues maintain it’s reputation as the top vets in the area, both offline and online.
Prime Growth Marketing is the best   SEO Firm and  SEO Company offering core services such as   SEO ConsultingSearch Engine Positioning and Search Engine Placement at very affordable prices. We are recognized as the top SEO Agency located in New York and have clients Nationwide. We are proud to be one of the top SEO Companies and our #1 goal is to improve our clients ROI by raising their Search Engine Rankings.
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